Nick Nanton, Personal Branding Expert, Highlights Lessons From The Grammy Awards

Nick Nanton, personal branding expert and agent to celebrity experts, shares branding tips and lessons gleaned from the 2011 Grammy awards.

Orlando, FL – March 1, 2011 – Nick Nanton, Esq., Founder of The Dicks and Nanton Companies, a Personal Branding company, recently published an article on his website ( with branding lessons from the Grammy awards. The article, titled “Five Personal Branding Lessons from the Grammy Awards,” covers branding lessons learned from the stars and celebrities at the Grammys.

Nick Nanton writes, “As I watched the show, I was again reminded of the importance of personal branding to the entertainment world.  Here are five personal branding lessons I took away from the 2011 Grammy awards:”

The Dicks and Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency specializes in Personal Branding. They help clients to elevate their recognition and credibility in their business or professional niche.

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